I am a 72 year old normally active, fit female with a love of the outdoors.  I had lived for 16 months with constant pain, including waking up multiple times during the night. I had given up all my activities due to the disability my injury caused.  

On May 22nd, 2019 I had a major surgery to repair a full thickness gluteus medius tendon tear.  During the surgery the hip bone where the tendon is usually attached was scraped to provide a blood supply to the tendon which was debrided of scar tissue, stitched and anchored to the newly prepared blood supply.

As this is a major tendon involved in walking stability and many movements of the leg, and because a tendon does not have a good blood supply, the protocol is for a 6 week 20 lb weight bearing limit on the surgical leg, so as not to disturb the tendon while trying to heal. 

I had been referred by a major orthopedic surgeon for cool laser therapy months before when it was thought I only had a torn tendon. He informed me that a number of individuals had experienced very promising results.  Although inflammation and pain subsided for a while, the results were not permanent as I had an unknown complete tear at the time.  

Needless to say of all the therapies I engaged in, physical therapy, acupuncture, PRP, (Platelet rich plasma injections) and massage, I experienced the best results from the cool laser therapy.

Therefore immediately after surgery I called and set up cool laser therapy with Tom at Pacific Wellness Laser to assist with healing, and inflammation.  I met with Tom for my first treatment 1 1/2 weeks after the surgery.  I could not even lift my own foot off the floor. My leg looked like a seasoned rugby player - in other words - huge. The thigh felt bound up, tight and thick.

Tom expertly guided the laser, softening the tissue and moving the swelling and bruising.  I could actually feel this movement happening. 3 days later I arrived being able to lift my leg by myself. Each visit thereafter with a 2 -3 day gap, delivered - what my husband and I both say - were nothing short of miraculous results. With only 6 treatments I could lift my leg up from the floor to hip level, could put weight on the surgical leg, without any pain, had a normal sized leg with swelling and bruising gone, and a beautiful looking scar.  I know this therapy gave me a huge head start and has assisted in healing, giving me ability for a wide range of movement way on the early side of the normal expected results. I am so thrilled with the results and can't thank Tom enough for being such a huge part of giving me back my future into hiking, biking and long pain free walks by the beach - (rock hopping too)

Yvonne Brill

Photos of scar were taken at 2 1/2  and  3 1/2 weeks post surgery